Ground Floor Apartment

FALL2011 089    The ground floor apartment is the most traditional of the three apartments in the house.

The front room faces the boulevard and has a working gas fireplace with an art deco wrought iron surround.


There is one bathroom, and a good sized dining room.  The kitchen could easily hold a small breakfast table as well.


Bedrooms are a very good size, the easterly bedroom is very bright (morning sun) and the central bedroom is large and quiet.   Both have built-in closets.  There are two hall closets.


All systems in this apartment have been renewed, yet the layout is more traditional having evolved form the original 1907 design of the house.


At present the apartment does not open onto the back yard, but this could easily be altered to suit a new owner.  The current tenants will leave on June 30 and I do  not anticipate renting this apartment before the house is sold, so that “vacant” possession should be readily available for a new owner.  The apartment needs some minor refreshing which I anticipate leaving so that a new owner can exercise his own taste, or possible make major alterations.  The apartment has been easy to rent and has attracted excellent tenants who have stayed from two to five years: graduate students and mature professionals.