Statistics and comparisons

The lot is 29 feet by 138.83 feet.

This is a generous width, allowing parking at the side, and is exceptionally deep for an inner city lot.  It reflects the preference given to Palmerston Boulevard  (Palmerston Blvd. gets more than its share of the block than Markham St.)   The absence of the lane means, obviously, that there is no garage and that therefore the yard is significantly larger than on blocks with lanes.
Having no rear access is also a very positive factor for security: thieves target homes with at least two means of egress – this lot has only the front entrance and so is not favoured by prowlers.

The lot area is 4,026 square feet. The imprint of the house is 2,635 square feet.

It was built in 1907.

The quality of the original construction is exceptional.  Full dimension lumber, mostly clear pine, built to last several centuries at least.  There is a triple brick wall between this house and the attached house to the south.

Sewers on Palmerston Blvd are especially deep, minimizing the risk of flooding or back-up. (Neither has happened in the last 109 years.)


Recent sales on the street:

Properties turn over rarely on the Boulevard, here are the two closest comparisons of which I am aware:

531 Palmerston Blvd was listed in May 2016 for $3.2 million and sold in two days for $3.45 million.
This is a detached home on 33 feet of frontage which in recent years was nicely renovated.  It backs onto the Westbank/Mirvish Village development and will be overlooked by medium-rise rental apartments when construction is completed.

436 Palmerston is currently (May 2017) listed on  at $3.3 million.  It’s a slightly smaller lot (25×128 vs 29×139) and is divided into two, unrenovated apartments without a finished basement.  It is on a very busy corner.