The Location

The location is a large part of the value and the appeal.  (“location, location, location”) When it comes to a great house on a beautiful street within walking distance of the financial centre of Canada it’s clear that “they are not making them any more.”  In fact they weren’t making them even in 1907: Palmerston Boulevard (between College & Bloor) was held back from development until the Edwardian period when the economy justified larger, better built homes close to the city.

The house is two blocks from the subway,  the Bathurst streetcar is two shorter blocks away.

It is a 20 minute walk to Queen’s Park, the University of Toronto is even closer, and the walking route to lower Bay Street goes through tree-lined streets, the University and Chinatown.

Access to the airport is either via the Queen Elizabeth Way or north to the Allen Road and the 401.

Explore the neighbourhood on Google Maps at this link.

Nearby Bickford Park has an off-lease dog area and Christie pits is an outdoor entertainment centre with a baseball diamond or two, public pools and tobogganing in the winter.  Healey Willan Park, behind St. Mary Magdalene Anglican Church is being configured to be a better facility for toddlers.  The area is well served with churches and synagogues and there is a Buddhist Temple on nearby Crawford Street.  The Bloor Street Docs Cinema and the concert venues of Trinity St. Paul’s United Church and St. Mary Magdalene Anglican are less than .

Local shopping is good and quickly changing for the better.  Korea Town is begin upgraded to reflect current demographics without losing its diversity.  Shopping will improve greatly with the redevelopment of Mirvish Village which is just far enough away.  The One gap is the absence of a liquor store within easy walking distance, but we remain hopeful.

499 Palmerston Blvd is in the “sweet spot” on the street – far enough from the major streets of Bloor, Bathurst and Harbord that the noise of the thoroughfares is not heard and in the middle of the boulevard of trees and historic street lights.

Importantly, this block DOES NOT back onto the Westbank Mirvish Village development.  When completed, this development will be visible form the third floor deck.  It is far enough away that the construction activity will not disturb enjoyment of the yard in the summer.