The price and contact information

The price of this house is $3,300,000

If you are interested in this house, I invite you to be in touch.  I will be happy to show you around and give you the opportunity to see if 499 Palmerston Boulevard is right for you.

If you are a real estate agent, please do not telephone.  You may e-mail and I will respond if I’m interested. This is a private sale; please respect that.

If you’re a private person interested in taking a look, please E-mail me at or just call:  416 535-1080

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About that price. Who knows what the right price for Toronto real estate is these days.  This is not a house with a lot of “comparables” to look at.  A much lesser house on Palmerston Avenue sold in March for $600,000 over asking ($2.4 million).  Palmerston Boulevard is unique, being in the “sweet spot” of Palmerston Boulevard is also unique.  Having a huge yard and separate parking is just about unique.  The price is a significant amount of money.  It will be higher in a year; much, much higher in 5 years.

Here is a quotation from Benjamin Tal of CIBC world markets taken from a Globe and Mail article of March 27, 2018

The long-term story is that this city is becoming more and more expensive. This is just a slowdown. In the GTA, it’s all about policies; we simply don’t have enough supply. We don’t have land because of policies. The lack of supply is definitely there and policies today are making the situation even worse. I’m talking about changes in the Ontario municipal board. I’m talking about rent control; this will make the situation even worse. From a short-term perspective, the next year or two, am I going to invest in real estate? Maybe not, but from a long-term perspective, if you believe that this city is unaffordable now – you wait!